Roomyz Ltd has been incorporated in England in 2015 after years of experience of the Managers in the Real Estate Business.
The process of renting a flat in the UK capital is becoming more difficult and for a potential tenant is difficult to pass all the references checks.
The company aims to simplify the rental process for the tenants in London and at the same time help the home owners have the best rental return on their Real Estate Investment.

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Estate Agent


 Let only Guaranteed rent
 Marketing and avertising properties ICO_CECK ICO_CECK
 Tenant source rent collection ICO_CECK ICO_CECK
 Landlord payment ICO_CECK ICO_CECK
 Full inventory prepared ICO_X ICO_CECK
 Regular property inspections ICO_X ICO_CECK
 Serving of eviction notice ICO_X ICO_CECK
 Legal action assistance ICO_X ICO_CECK
 Income when the property is vacant ICO_X ICO_CECK
Income if the tenant fails to pay ICO_X ICO_CECK
Rent paid in advance ICO_X ICO_CECK