The business model is very simple: we rent a property from home owners on a 1 – 3 years lease and we rent out the rooms to working professional.

mini_icon Flexible lease from 12 to 48 months

mini_icon Guaranteed monthly rent

mini_icon Property management

mini_icon Ordinary property maintenance

mini_icon Support on extraordinary maintenance

mini_icon No administration fees

mini_icon No commission fees

cropped-favicon-1.pngLandlords FAQ

No we are not. We rent your property to professional workers chosen by us.

Yes a sort of. We like to consider us your tenant.

No. Most of our tenants are young professional or postgraduate and mature students.

We have strong relationship with relocation companies and recruitment agents; plus we advertise on websites always making sure that the references from previous landlord and employer are impeccable.

Mostly 3-4 bedroom flats/houses but also block of studios.

We do not charge the landlord for our services.

We are your tenant: so we will pay the rent via bank transfer every month.

It is completely our responsibility. The landlord and the monthly rent we pay will not be affected.

We are your tenant so it is our responsibility to return the property in the same conditions we took it.

We conduct formal inspections every 6months.

No we don’t pay a deposit but we issue a Letter of Indemnity to the landlord in lieu of security deposit in respect of any damage or loss caused to the property.

Generally we will take properties any day of the year.